CS Technology helps Fortune 500’s optimize and transform their technology infrastructure in order to achieve greater efficiency and build the foundation for successful business aligned digital transformation. CST accelerates transformation strategy by aligning prioritized projects and initiatives via a common roadmap and then provides recommendations to the business to improve operational agility. Their expertise in business case development strategy allows Fortune 500 executive leadership to fully understand the financial and operational implications around transformation and green light spend.

CS Technology offers a full lifecycle of data center and end-user capabilities that include strategic services, hosting & asset services, design and deployment services, application migration services and operational process execution services.

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  • Geo Coverage: Global (US offices in Charlotte, San Francisco, Chicago; global offices in London, UK, Sydney & Melbourne
  • Verticals: Financial, Healthcare, Retail, Energy, Transportation, Manufacturing
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Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies distributor


CS Technology develops digital workplace strategy and repeatable process to deliver scaled solutions via its field service platform, Sitehands.


Standardizing the collaboration experience across multiple geographies and lines of business
Legacy workplace environments and mixed collaboration solutions lead to varying user experiences and inconsistent productivity levels throughout the medical distributor’s numerous locations. These legacy environments and their technologies failed to deliver an experience that aligned with the corporate brand, attract and retain talent, and foster the collaboration the business required to meet its future goals.


Manages more than 30 million square feet of corporate real estate

Cisco revenue: $5+ million in switching, routing, Cisco UCS, and collaboration solutions

To transform the workplace, the distributor’s team had to do more than simply standardize on a technology. They had to understand how teams worked so the new collaboration tools could support the numerous lines of business, including on-premises and remote employees, as well as improve worker efficiency across all locations.


Build portfolio standards. Develop a design experience. Deliver the technology solutions in the field. Do it again for the next office.
CS Technology has a long track record of providing technology transformation for the medical distributor’s real estate projects. Working closely with both the client’s real estate team and IT team, CS Technology created a plan to develop user profiles at each location and combine those with a list of desired capabilities and behaviors the client wished to promote across the enterprise.

This approach enabled CS Technology to assess each location and the unique needs of the teams there to develop the optimal collaboration solution per location. The information gathered was also fed into larger user profiles and standardized office configurations. Over time, the data created more efficiencies in the assessment of both greenfield and brownfield projects and streamlined the bill of materials required per site.

To simplify deployment and reduce third-party integration costs, CS Technology’s sister company, Sitehands, delivered the technology integrations, management, and experts in the field via its proprietary technology platform.


Approach results in repeat business—and savings for client
What began with a few projects at a few locations has resulted in 20 projects to date, with 10 more already in the pipeline. And if history is a guide, that number will continue to rise.

Being a trusted advisor to the client has served all parties, including Cisco, well. The relationship helped CS Technology position the value of Cisco collaboration solutions in the context of the client’s business requirements and desired user experience. This placed Cisco in an elevated position over incumbent and traditional AV solutions.

The client has benefited from having a reliable partner, with an extensive knowledge of the collaboration landscape, a deep understanding of its corporate mission, and the know-how to effectively integrate physical and digital canvases to deliver a greater user experience.


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