Cisco Managed Services Security Tapas

Join us as MSP leaders deliver six practice building sessions over two days.

June 17th and 18th

1:00pm ET - 4:00pm ET


June 17th 1:00pm ET
Demystifying Vendor Cyber Speak
Kyle Hanslovan, CEO – Huntress & Wes Spencer, CISO – Perch Security

June 17th 2:00pm ET
How’s Cybersecurity like your home alarm system?
Aharon Chernin, CEO – Perch Security & Jered Schock, Cyber Consultant - Marco Technologies

June 17th 3:00pm ET
You’ve Been Breached: Preparing Your Incident Response Plan.
Wes Spencer, CISO – Perch Security & Chris Loehr, EVP – Solis Security

June 18th 1:00pm ET
Packaging & Pricing Your Support Offering 2.0
Gary Pica, CEO - TruMethods, Wes Spencer, CISO – Perch Security, Andrew Morgan, Founder, vCyberCon

June 18th 2:00pm ET
How Your Business is Being Sold: Inside the Dark Web
Kyle Hanslovan, CEO – Huntress & Patrick Colford, Security Analyst – Cisco Umbrella

June 18th 3:00pm ET
Risk Assessment & Vulnerability Management
Mike Burgard, CISO – Marco Technologies & Karl Bickmore, CEO – Snap Tech IT

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